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Jessica W asked Which inverter generator is right for me?

I am looking to purchase an inverter generator for tailgating. I want to run a television as well as a fan at the beginning of the season and a heater into the end of the season. What wattage should I be looking into and what brands are decent brands to use. I am not trying to spend a lot of money so a "not the best" brand is okay if it is decently priced. The fan would probably be pretty large since we have a lot of people that tailgate with us.

And got the following answer:

The heater will be the major load on the inverter. Even a small heater rated at 1kW will create a very heavy load on the car battery and alternator. Factoring in losses and so on it would require at least 100 amps of current. You might want to reconsider and look at a small propane or kerosene heater. For the fan or television you should have little problem. A 500 watt inverter is relatively inexpensive and will supply plenty of power for what you need. Make sure you mount it close to the battery with short leads and adequate wire size. Another factor to consider is if you need a true sine wave inverter or if a modified sine wave will be suitable for your devices. Sometimes the modified sine wave will create a buzzing noise in speakers or have difficulty with certain items. Unfortunately the true sine wave inverter costs considerably more as well.

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