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sedm0757 asked How do I start my own photovoltaic company?

I wuold like to get PV panels and grid tied inverters from suppliers (directly). I have been unable to get suppliers from the manufactuer they keep sending me to the whole seller. (Hence higher costs) Do you know how I can get a deal with manufactuers directly. Like Sharp / SMA etc etc.

And got the following answer:

I don't think you can go directly to manufacturers until your company gets big, that is, larger than a distributor. A manufacturer is generally not set up to handle hundreds or thousands of little accounts. If they did set up that way, then prices would be higher, because they would be doing the work of a distributor. If there comes a time when there's a glut of panels and inverters, possibly a manufacturer would be willing to deal directly with you. It would help if it was a large order, and if you had cash in advance. For now, manufacturers like Suntech are pretty much sold out for everything they can make this year.

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