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Jeffery Montgomery asked Tool Buying Advice - Drills, Miter Saw, etc.?

My father is a tinkerer and do it your self guy for about 30 years. He has never been a "high end tool guy" simply because he couldnt afford them. This never stopped him from doing absolutely beautiful work. The largest projects he has done were pool deck, backyard fence, and dissasembling/upgrading a golf car. He nomally does small jobs such as fan installations, painting/sheetrock work, land scaping, security camera installs, etc. His tool collection consists of lots of crap purchased over the years. He wants to clean out his collection, re-purchase key tools, and organize better. Lately he has been doing lots of "handy man" around his community. Someone stole a few tools from him and we want to help replace them as a surprise. I have researched the tools but need more specialized perspective. Id like your advice on good solid midrange tools with a budget of $400-500. 1) Drills: Cordless Drill - He recently stopped using a Dewalt 998 Cordless Drill because it was too heavy and hurts his wrist. I think he uses a Black and Decker drill now because its lighter. What would be a comparable drill with a more modern design to help balance weight? I was looking at: Corded Drill - We would like the same style gun in corded version for extended jobs. With so many spec's out there it's very hard to choose. We were looking at: 3) Miter Saw - He has a table but no saw to mount on it. He wants to be able to do 45 degree cuts to install crown molding and such. We were looking at this one on Amazon, but dont know if its a good buy/value: I also dont know if 12" is a good size, vs 10" 4) Bonus - Can you recommend a "special" or "favorite" tool that a Handy Man should have? This doesnt have to be expensive.

And got the following answer:

if he is going to be taking the saw to peoples houses to do trim work. that means he has to carry it. the 12 in one is 50 pounds ! the 10 in is 40 lbs ,, i saw a hitachi on that site that was 33 pounds. also , when you go to peoples house you dont usually have a table/bench . maybe he could use a " portable work bench " the kind like " work mate " etc. on Amazon too . then you have consider if will be putting his miter saw on it. i never used one of those center handle drills ,, but it looks awkward to me , but again i dont know. a " drywall screw drill adapter " cheap a new tool belt if he needs one. one of these will make him look really smart and cool when he goes to look at a new job at some ones house. getting measurements,, STRAIT-LINE 6041401CD Sonic Laser Tape 50 ,,,,, very handy tool and fun 😉

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