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Stephen asked How does an airconditioning system or heat air?

Ironically I learned how an air conditioning system controls humidity, but not how it controls temperature.

And got the following answer:

Is it enough to say that it works like a refrigerator? When a liquid under pressure expands, becoming a gas or vapor, its temperature drops. A refrigerator expands a pressurized liquid inside coiled tubing. A fan blows over the tubing, sending the cooled air into the food compartment. The gas is pumped back into a liquid. This results in a heated liquid, which is cooled by a fan outside the food compartment. This is the hot air you feel around a refrigerator. So visualize your house as the inside of a refrigerator, and the outdoors is the kitchen where an ordinary refrigerator wastes its heat. That s what is going on. A heat pump works the same way, except its function is reversible. As a cooling air conditioner it sends the waste heat outside. As a heating air conditioner it sends the heat inside, and the cold outside. If you want technical details, Google REFRIGERATION CYCLE

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