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Nellie Nobody asked How do I use a cordless drill to drive screws without mangling the screw heads?

I have a Ryobi cordless drill with a variable speed setting. I've had a number of occasions to use the screw driver bits. Even when I drill pilot holes, I have trouble keeping the drill from jumping out of the screw heads and mangling them. What am I doing wrong and how do I avoid this?

And got the following answer:

The biggest factor is the type of screw drive you're using. In my experience, phillips and slotted screw drives are the worst. Slotted drives allow the bit to slide in the slot. Unless you're dead on, the bit tends to slip out. Also, many cheap slotted drive screws have shallow channels cut into them which aggravates the problem. As for phillips, unless you get quality screws, I wouldn't give you a nickel for them. There are actually two types of cross-head screw types: phillips and Reed & Prince. The difference is the groove angle. Too many (alleged) phillips screws look more like Reed & Prince. Consequently, the bit wants to skip out of the "crosshairs". Again, if you must use phillips screws, get them from a quality supplier (Not Lowe"s or Home Depot). The trick is to apply straight-on pressure and keep your bit absolutely straight when driving the screw. The best drives for screws are hex head, square, and star drive. Hex head (for obvious reasons) is not available in a flathead screw. Square and star drive screws are available in many head styles. What I like about these two drives is that they are positive and forgiving (to a point) regarding the bit angle. My suggestion to you is to throw away your phillips and slotted screws, and replace them with hex head, square, and star drive screws. You will experience much less frustration.

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