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EricE asked Can I drill a hole in a stone with an SDS rotary hammer drill?

I want to drill a hole, maybe 3/4" or less and two or two and a half inches long, into a loose stone, probably under four inches thick and one foot in diameter. I am told than an SDS rotary hammer drill with a carbide tip is the way to drill a hole into rock, but I have no idea how this device works and with a name like "rotary hammer" it makes me wonder whether I could safely and effectively use it on a small stone in a vise (as opposed to a mammoth, immobile rock). Does this device work like a jackhammer or is it primarily rotary motion?

And got the following answer:

1) A hammer drill is a regular drill that also has a pulsating action on the drill bit. Something like 60x per second it hammers as well as rotates. It's normally "the tool" for drilling into masonry, but I propose your small rock will be decimated by this action. 2) Use a good regular drill, corded, for torque, rather than a battery powered one. Clamp the heck out of the rock! Multiple clamps! If possible use a drill press, even an attachment if a real press is not available. Go slow and steady with a new masonry bit. Safety goggles, with side protection. Protect your groin and chest in case this thing breaks apart and throws schrapenel everywhere! Do NOT wear gloves! It is normal practice to not wear gloves in drill-like operations as they can become caught in the drill bit and pull your hand into the bit causing much more damage than having not worn gloves. Read all the owners and instruction manuals for your project. My advice is not meant for the amateur. For the record, drilling a hole in an organic rock just doesn't seem like a wise idea.

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