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EM asked What can you do if you can't turn on the generator in the motorhome until after 10:00am in the campground?

If I have to purchase an inverter, what kind, size, etc? Should I get a marine battery and connect the inverter to it to charge?

And got the following answer:

I'd start with reading your owner's manual for the RV. If you have a generator in it, more than likely you already have an inverter, a storage battery, and if you're in a campground why not just plug in to shore power? Generators just piss people off. If for some reason you DON'T have an inverter already, what type and size to get depends entirely on what you intend to run off it. And Inverter also does not charge your storage battery. For that you'll need a separate charger and battery isolator (if your RV's charging system is also going to charge the storage battery and your SLI battery) or marine type battery combiner.

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