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Olle asked On average, how much power does Black Rock City consume during the week of Burning Man?

All kinds of consumptions, except small ones like personal batteries for flashlight o such.

And got the following answer:

That's a really tough question. Somewhere from 33.4-56 kWh/person (see below). The MEDIAN power usage per person is pretty close to 0. Most people at Burning Man are in tents (not RVs with a power supply). Most people are in small scale theme camps with out a lot of infrastructure, or camping independently of the theme camps (not that independent campers never bring generators, but most don't). I would guess the majority of people at Burning Man don't have power at their camps (but most DO visit some of the larger camps with major power infrastructure). I've camped with two theme camps; one had no power but several campers had RVs. The other had no RV campers, and a ridiculous solar array (thanks to a camp member who did solar installations) that we used to power a boombox and a few strings of LED lights. That was probably less than 100 watts for maybe 4-6 hours a day. I'll try a rough calculation with the information here: http://www.coolingman.org/learn_more/burning_man_estimated_climate_impact.html Power generation at Burning Man 2006 produced 1432 tons of CO2, or 73.5 pounds of CO2 per participant. It's not clear to me whether this is from stand-alone generators only or whether it also includes RVs. Getting from CO2 to watts is another issue. I see figures around 1.3-1.4 lbs CO2/kWh, but that seems to be a US-wide average (commercial power plants should be more efficient than individual generators, and the US energy mix includes some sources that don't produce CO2). So 56 kWh (73.5/1.3) per person is a high estimate, as BM power sources will produce more CO2/kWh. (http://www.solarispv.com/co2.htm has an estimate of 2.2 lbs CO2/kWH for generators, which gives 33.4 kWh/person). That figure doesn't include solar/wind. I'm not sure how much power alternative energy sources provide at Burning Man. I can't imagine any of the camps with really high power demands are going solar. Even including solar, 56 kWh/person should still be an overestimate. Somebody at the Alternative Energy Zone might have an idea of how much alternatively sourced power is used at BM: http://ae-zone.org/

There was an error connecting to the Amazon web service, or no results were found for your query.

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