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plainblain asked Would a 1.5" diamond bit be suitable for drilling in brick and stone?

I have to drill through brick and stone walls occassionally for 1" pvc. A huge rotary impact drill is too costly. Does anyone know if a diamond bit would work? And would it take a long time?

And got the following answer:

Sure it would work - and no you don't need water - but I've never used a drill bit that size that doesn't go on a 'huge rotary impact drill'. Maybe it's a difference in living areas, but here in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, any bit that size would be configured with an SDS shaft, which only fits into a rotary impact drill. Why not just rent the package for the 4 Hr min charge. You'll zip through the wall in less than 10 minutes instead of #@*&ing around for who knows how long - consider what your labour costs per hour. Anyway - good luck.

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