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Ex Californian asked Solar energy- does anyone know of a DIY way to make a solar collector and transfer that energy to batteries?

I would like to learn about solar energy and how I can make some panels for my home, of course with in a reasonable budget. My goal is to be able to run a refrigerator and fan off of battery. Any ideas out there?

And got the following answer:

Excellent!!....a fellow enthusiast! What size refridgerator? The fan is no problem. What state are you in? But here's the deal: Solar panels are rather costly right now and to run what you said whenever you want you will need some serious panels. (6- 150 watt units) That means under full sun the panels maximum output, wired in parallel would produce 900 watt/hours. Here in florida, we get very good output off a panel, but in seattle it would be essentially useless. I have a small set-up consisting of 2-150 British Petroleum units hooked together and wired to 2 semi (big truck) batteries wired in parallel. I have a 1200watt power inverter hooked to that. That whole set-up is hooked to a 5000btu window air conditioner that is in my bedroom. When I go to bed (11:30p.m.) I shut off the house a/c and turn on my small a/c. After a sunny day the unit will run three hours and then the 10volt underage signal goes off and it shuts down. But that is enough to keep me more than cool. ( I like my a/c freezing) A STEAM ENGINE! AAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA!!!

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