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husoski asked How do I find the brand and model number of a shower valve?

This is the original valve installed in a new home around 1982. I can remove the handle and trim plate, but can't see any identifying information on the valve, plate or handle? It's a shower-only (no tub) single-valve setup: pull-push for on-off, twist for temperature control.

And got the following answer:

If it's a name brand it will have it where you can see it, either on the handle or the trim plate/ring around it. If you see no name most likely it's a generic 'builder grade' piece-o-junk. Shall I assume you want to stop a drip or something? Turn off the water, take the cartridge out, and take it to a REAL hardware store (not Home Depot). Look for the oldest employee there and show it to him. He will recognize it & tell you what you need.

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