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aiken877 asked The drill for Christmas?

I want to get my grandpa a rechargeable drill for Christmas but I dont know much about them. He'll just be useing it for basically around the house; like putting together a stand, fixing a door, kinda work doing major. So what kinda drill is ideal for that knida work? 19 volt or 14?

And got the following answer:

He's your grandpa, you love him, so you are doing right to put some thought into this. There are many really good tools out there now in the cordless arena. Some offer better grips or battery charge times or accessories but all are pretty decent. Right now, I believe Skil has some of the nicest affordable homeowner quality tools out there. Batteries hold up nicely, fairly lightweight and built well. Sears offers a variety, too. Of course, so does Home Depot and Lowes. (Lowe's is carrying Hitachi at reasonable prices, which I put head-to-head with my Milwaukee or anyone's DeWalt anyday). Batteries aren't the only thing to consider. Hold a drill and look for balance; make suer it does not feel cumbersome. Speed isn't all there is either, look also at torque. The more clutch settings there are the more versatile a tool is, in theory at least. I have many cordless tools but often find I like the feel of my 12v Skil for most smaller jobs than I do my 18v Hitachi or Milwaukee. I had a 14.4v Milwaukee that seemed to pack the same punch as many 18v but I found in the long run weight is an important factory me. Lots of specials at the big box stores for the Christmas season, so it really comes down at what do you think he'll like for the price. Look to spend way under $100, like $49 and pick him up a nice accessory pack (bits and whatnots) to go with it. Cheers

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