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youthebest asked What do you see as the future form of energy for the planet?

What are your thoughts on any aspect of energy consumption, whether petroleum-based, nuclear, hydroelectric, coal, or methane, or alternative means such as solar, tidal, wind, or other more exotic forms of energy? if you wish you can discuss the domestic or global affects energy policy of the future will have on the domestic or global economy.

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This is not easy to answer but I'll try. Based on what I observed, it looks like hybrid cars gradually replacing conventional cars based on the sales here: As you can see hybrid cars have been rising fast over the past few years. Those reasons include great reliability in which savings would outweight the few extra thousand dollars to buy one. I also have seen the the third generation 2009 Prius. It will get 90+ mpg, have smaller more powerful lithium ion batteries, and be faster than the current. It looks like more electricity/less gas will be used to power the next Prius causing me to believe that cars will get more electrical. I know diesel is being discussed more but what is preventing people from buying them is the emmissions is deadlier than natural gas. However, it has been fixed coming from this source: From it, the soot particles in the particulate filter accumulate, the back pressure in the exhaust system increases. When the pressure builds to a certain point, the sensor tells the engine management computer to inject more fuel into the engine. This causes heat to build up in the front of the filter, which burns up the accumulated soot particles. The entire cycle occurs within a few minutes and is undetectable by the vehicle's driver. Now, is it just as reliable as a hybrid? It has been compared yet in terms of reliability. On one of Huell Howser's episode of California's Green, he interviewed residents from the OC about their solar powered homes. The cells are on the roofs. I know that one of those vending machines for parking tickets operate by this source. I anticipate that we are getting more solar. I find the disadvantage is it is costly but then you would not have to be paying your electric each month, assuming your house relies ENTIRELY on solar. Also, when there is a blackout from a power plant, you don't have to worry as much. Now the consequences for inaction is in PDF form of "Climate Change-The Costs of Inaction." There is an antipation of dieseases from warm countries in Africa that would spread into Europe and North America due to the fact the earth is getting warmer. Basically, more money would be devoted to healthcare and because more people would be ill causing a loss of productivity decreasing GDP. Let's get a little off topic. I noticed that in a way we are doing something to help the environment INDIRECTLY. Internet, for example, has made communicating with friends easier without having to travel, consuming gas, to their homes. GPS has made traveling easier due to the fact when you don't know where a place is the directions is easier. This means no wasting of gas while being lost. There are a plethora of stuff.

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