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ozzyezzy asked how can i set up a solar panel just to power a couple of light globes in my home?

does anyone know of a good website that can show me how to rig up a solar panel, battery and inverter to power a few energy saver light globes (say 10-15 watt each), in my house? thanks and i was thinking of using a car battery for power storage, is this appropriate? what are the possible limitations of doing this, are there any hazards?

And got the following answer:

Depending on your knowledge you may buy a kit and observe the parameters. You will need about 25 square inch per watt You may need a battery to store the energy You will have to calculate the size based on your requirements target. You have to engineer the whole thing; it is fun and very educative. Autoparts and camping stores have small affordable panels. Electronic stores have the rest. Or you can buy a small solar lantern take it appart and reverse engineere-it! Hope this properly answers your question Guru

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