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Romulus asked How can I build a strong Solar-Powered Generator?

Hi, I'm really interested into engineering and I would like to help out my family that lives in another country by building them a solar powered generator, for the many blackouts they experience over there. How would I go on an do this?

And got the following answer:

Unless you have a lot of experience in this area, you should buy an assembled unit. Be sure to get one for 240 volts 50 Hz, not the US 120 volts 60 Hz. And hire someone to install it. You would need to buy the solar panels, connect them together properly, mount them on the roof correctly, run wires down to the charge controller. Charge controller MPT design and construction is a difficult task, people spend decades learning this. Plus you have to program it. Then you have wires to the battery bank, and selection and maintenance of those is not trivial. Then you have the inverter that takes the DC voltage off of the battery and generates the AC voltage needed. Inverter design and construction is also difficult. Plus you have an interface to the normal AC lines to determine. Plus you need permissions from the local zoning boards. And you have to be sure all this is constructed to conform to the local wiring codes.

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