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Nick asked can mineature LED lights be stuck in the refrigerator to be rechraged?

Well i took out a few LED lights from these balloons... I just wanted to know if (like batteries) you can stick them in the freezer and they will cool, then they would be good as new when you take them out or they'll be dead...

And got the following answer:

I don't think you understand the concept of an LED light. It's like any other light, in that it works on electricity (from a battery or DC power supply). It doesn't generate its own light. Therefore, putting it in the refrigerator will do nothing but make it cold. Also, putting batteries in the refrigerator does not recharge a battery. The theory is that putting a charged battery in the refrigerator will make it keep its charge longer. But, the actual difference between a refrigerated versus non-refrigerated battery is about 3% of total life. In other words, it's insignificant.

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