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Ryan Betancourt asked Is having computer components completely exposed bad for them?

I'm building a computer but instead of getting a case I'm gonna be mounting the entire thing to the underside of my desk. It's gonna be water cooled, I'm gonna get strip LED lighting and I think it'll look really cool. Will all the components being exposed be bad for them at all? Dust, improper airflow etc.? Also, will everything run smoothly when mounted upside down? Hard drives and all?

And got the following answer:

Nope, seen people build them on a cardboard box. Antec actually has an exposed case that is a little different. All up to you. As far as case keeping dust off, my case is a damn dust magnet! I clean it out every few months and man does it collect the dust! Oh, almost missed it... NO, PC components don't have problems with orientation. The only thing I can think of would be you wouldn't want to install an optical drive upside down for obvious reasons. ADD: That is cool, I actually seen a guy that built his PC under a glass destop with cool neon and a crazy florescent water cooling system. Looked pretty cool.

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