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Erick P asked How can you convert a AC motor to run on a DC power supply?

I am trying to figure out how to make an bench grinder that has an AC motor with a DC power supply with out buying an expensive inverter. This is for class project and we are on a budget.

And got the following answer:

If you have an induction ac motor, you won't be able to run it on dc. If you have a synchronous electric motor you might be able to change it like the other answerer told you by mounting slip rings and brushes to the shaft to coincide with your pole and armature arrangement It probably is an induction motor, because they aren't concerned with starting torque and they are cheap. You might be able to get real cheap by making your own DC reversing switch that you hand operate. Use two regular light wall switches. Wire the DC current thru one switch directly to your motor. Wire the DC current in reverse thru your second switch. Mount the two switches side by side next to each other. The idea is to turn on one switch at the same time you switch off the other switch, then you reverse. Switch as fast as you can back and forth between your left hand and your right hand coordinating your ons and offs as possible. The more you switch on and off between your two switches the more you replicate (but at full wave) the alternating current. If you get real fast you might be able to get 3 hz of switching which might get your motor spinning. You might have to twist the motor shaft at first to help it get moving Look at this link, this guy is good at understanding the principles:

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