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hollymccartney asked Your favorite store-bought bottled teas?

I'm sending the husband out to get some groceries tomorrow. I'm usually a pretty big pop/soda drinker and I'm switching to teas instead. I'm not really looking for health advice, as I know that a lot of teas are even fairly unhealthy. I always brewed my own before so I'm not familiar with a lot of bottled teas from the grocery store. I'd love to hear your favorites or even ones you didn't like and why:) Some things I like: Iced Tea (definitely what I'm going for here) Green or black is fine I don't really prefer just lemon as a flavoring. I do like flavored teas though. I'd like to be able to buy a big bottle or jug, as opposed to several individual bottles that have 1 or 2 servings in them. I'm diabetic, but it is very well controlled (type 2) so I don't have to be completely sugar free, but I also don't want anything with the same amount of carbs as say, a can of regular soda/pop. I would love to have naturally sweetened or "diet" without artificial sweeteners but I realize this can be hard to find, so at the moment I'll take what I can find. I definitely do not want spiced teas as cinnamon or anything of the sort makes me ill. I'm pretty adventurous with flavors otherwise. Also, if you have any suggestions on easy ways to brew large amounts of loose leaf tea with no kettle or ice, I'd love to hear it:) Thanks! Poor thing, lol. My husband and I always go together to get groceries and on the occasions that I don't go out, he goes alone! It has always been that way so I never thought anything of it. Wonder if he does.....

And got the following answer:

Perhaps google it for yourself what one person likes you might not most canned bottled teas don't have a whole lot of tea in them they have some along with water, sugar and flavouring along with the artificial stuff that is in them if you get different brands you can decide for yourself or get the dry powder mix and add water to make it to your own taste add some fruit to it..melon, strawberry, whatever you like one company makes big jugs is Nestea ny Nestle don't know about others store bought teas..popular now is Arizona green Tea with ginseng and honey plus all other flavours of this tea Brisk is another..it's stronger not so watery make your own Sun Tea Use the natural and gentle heat of the sun to brew a cup of tea. Fill a clear glass jar or jug with water, the amount depending on how much tea you want to make. Add either tea bags, or loose tea. Place the jar in a sunny location (a window sill is good). Leave the tea to steep in the heat of the sun. You may have to leave your tea in the sun for a few hours, depending on how strong you want it, how much you're making and how warm the sun is that day. Keep an eye on your jug as you may need to move it as the sun moves during the day. When the tea has reached your desired strength and flavour, serve and enjoy. Note: •The lower temperature is not as likely to destroy the delicate oils and flavours of your tea. •Final tea won't be as hot as tea made with boiling water. Makes for great iced tea.

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