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mel asked What fuse do I change to fix the cig lighter and temp controls?

I have an 02 Chrysler Sebring. The cig lighter does not work. Also, last night the temperature controls went. I can only use the high setting when I put the heat or air on. The heater will not come on if I put it on low, medium, medium high... Nor will the lights around those setting come on. I hope it's just the fuses. Thanks

And got the following answer:

Cig lighter and heater fan are on separate circuits. The symptom of a fan which works on high but not on any other speed means the resistor assembly which varies the fan speed has failed, it is mounted in the heater plenum, close to the fan motor and it will have 4 heavy wires plugged into it. They are not expensive and easy to replace, if I remember correctly on that model you will find it right in front of the glove box with the box removed or flipped down (flex it to get it past the normal stop) \ The lights are part of the dash lighting and most likely are burned out if the other instrument lights are working normally. As for the cigar lighter start by checking the fuses. Which Fuse? Invest in a test light 5-10 $ at your local parts store. Using the test light check both sides of each fuse with the ignition on and the headlights on, the fuse which only lights the test light on one side is the bad one. I do not recommend the "pull and peer" method because I have encountered fuses which were physically broken but not visibly blown.

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