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infinite_1 asked 1996 Chevrolet Cheyenne A/C compressor turns off when fan is turned on?

I have a 1996 Chevrolet Cheyenne Dully Pickup. I am trying to get the air conditioner fixed. Whenever I turn the fan on the A/C light and the circulating air light on the temperture control module go off, also the knob that controls where the air blows will not work. The air will only blow at the bottom and it only blows warm or hot. I was able to get the compressor to work by running a wire directly from the battery (+ side) to the compressor and it worked. I was then able to get the compressor to come on if I unplugged the wire from the accumulator low pressure cutout switch and "jumped" across the terminals. But the compressor would go off if I went inside the truck and turned the fan to on at the temperature control module. I was able to add a full can of freon to the system and the air conditioner was blowing cold inside the truck. I'm thinking that the problem is the AC control panel itself gone bad but I'm not sure. As far as the air coming out of the bottom, I took the A/C actuator off that is located just right of the gas pedal and turned the control by hand and the air did come out of the front vents. Finally, the wiring diagram shows an A/C compressor cycling switch I see a wire that had a switch connected to it. The front part of the switch has come off and I don't see where the switch would have screwed into. The switch seems to be made just like the high and low pressure cut-out switches. Hellllp!

And got the following answer:

If you're having multiple issues with your climate control, and the controls not working properly, it's likely the climate control box itself. If your truck has any resistors that work with it, you may need to check those as well. I'm not super electrically savy, but I've had issues like this before and the fix was replacing the box and/or the resistors.

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