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Michael asked What is the Best cost effective shower system out there?

My Wife and I are in the middle of buying a house and we would like to renovate a few things starting with the Kitchen and Bathrooms. We have complications between what shower system to buy without going out of budget, so far our shower system budget is MAXIMUM $800 (not including extra hookups, pipes, lines, etc..) I prefer the "Rainfall" style with an average PSI of under 25 and she prefers the "Standard" with an average PSI of 25+ we both love the idea of temperature controlled jets with multiple functions and a separate handle spout. I like pretty much everything, but my wife is very particular about the PSI on shower heads being enough to rinse soap from her long hair, I have super short hair so I don't mind, but I would love to have a rainfall shower head for softer PSI. We have found a few that may work for us but they are out of our price range, would anyone be able to point out a few systems with the requirements we would like? 4-8 Jets 1 Rainfall head (With adjustable PSI control) temperature control panel for the system PSI 25+ easy install under budget

And got the following answer:

There are quite a few on the market. The Rainspa is a chrome finish combination showerhead and hose assembly that allows you to treat yourself to a relaxing 3-way multi-shower system. It features 5 functions including rain, massage, mist, rain/massage and rain/mist. Enjoy the swivel showerhead, hand held shower or both. Simply turn diverter switch to direct the water flow and turn the dial to select functions. It can prove to be not only cost-effective but very relaxing as well. The Rainspa includes a 5 ft. stainless steel shower hose, 3-way water diverter mount and plumber’s tape. The unit installs in minutes without tools. Warranty covers defectives for one (1) year. Product will be replaced.

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