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amber asked I drive a 95 toyota camey and my temperature gauge keeps going up and down?

I need help my my temp gauge keeps going up and down it will stay at halfway the go up to almost red the back down a little the back up just back and forth...i have got a new radiator, thermostat and temperature control switch and still doing the same thing...HELP ME PLEASE

And got the following answer:

Most cars today are cooled by an electric fan. In the old days the fan was driven by more steadily controlled by the fan that worked constantly. the fan that you have (i'm guessing) is controlled by an electrical device that tells the fan when to come on or go off. I believe so long as the gage goes up and down but doesn't overheat should be o.k. i've seen some of the electric controlled fans come ON when the car is OFF. have you had this car long? it just may take a getting used to. good luck to ya.

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