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she's here asked what to do about the attic door in the hall ceiling?

I was hanging some pictures in our hall way. And while up on a step ladder, I realized how hot it was near the ceiling. Upon farther inspection, I realized alot of hot air was coming from the attic door in the ceiling. I taped around it. But what would be a more permanent fix? If it's that hot in the summer, than of course it will be really cold in the winter. That hall is also where our temperature gage is for heating and air. Help.

And got the following answer:

Yes, Jennifer is correct. I had the same problem with hot air in the attic (over 100 degrees). I complained to the landlord and he installed an exhaust fan in the window up there. Each end has a window. The exhaust fan is set to operate at 80 degrees with a thermostat control. If you don't have a window in the attic you can modify one of the end gables for mounting of a ventilation fan. The attic won't get cold in the winter because the sun's radiation heats the attic enough to keep it warm. Until you get the exhaust fan installed keep the trap door sealed around the gaps with duct tape. Best of luck to ya!

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