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danchevz asked How can you control a 12 volt DC fan to go on when the temperature gets hot?

I want to install a small 12 volt DC fan inside weather enclosure (containing a security camera) to protected it from the summer heat. I want the fan to automatically turn on at 95 degrees to help ventilate the camera. I can only think of installing a thermostat from an air conditioner unit inside the enclosure. Is there a better way. I have visited electronic suppy stores and can’t find anything that would help keep the camera cool. (I have only heaters for these units). Any suggestions?

And got the following answer:

your idea of a thermostat is the best option, use standard mecury switch thermostat supplied by 12 volts to the contacts and wire them in series with the fan. I did the same thing for my storage building except i had the 12volts turn on a relay, and it activated an exhaust fan. thermostat= about 20 bucks

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