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A Yahoo User asked How can I control environmental factors for an experiment with plants?

Factors like temperature, humidity, etc

And got the following answer:

One thing you can easily control is watering. Just use a container with a graduated scale and give the same amount of water to each plant. Most other factors you won't be able to control unless you have access to a greenhouse or a growth cabinet. What you can do instead is ensure all your plants are subject to the same conditions. For example: if half your plants are in a sunny spot and the others are in the shade, you should switch them around every 24 hours to ensure they will all receive the same amount of light. If your experiment will use groups of plants with different treatments you will also have to use a random or "latin square" layout. In the end your experimental design will depend on many things like: Do you have access to a facility with a controlled environment, like a greenhouse or growth cabinet, or will you have to leave your plants outside? Will you grow plants in pots or do you have to plant them in the ground? How many different treatments will your plants have, and how many replicates for each treatment? What characters will you have to measure for your experiment?

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