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whatshouldido asked What kind of conditions would a package sent on international surface mail exposed to?

Hi, I'm trying to send a few boxes sent from Thailand to the U.S. through surface mail (ship). I was told that it would take 3-4 months. I'm wondering if they would be kept in moisture and temperature controlled conditions or they may be left in no-airconditioned Thai heat and humidity. I'm debating wheather I should send clothes and facial creams, extra supplements and medicine using surface mail. Do you think it's a good idea?

And got the following answer:

ok to send via surface mail. Anything can happen with the package. Packages could be transport anyway and in any condition. I have shipped similar things via surface mail and it took about three months. Everything was fine when I got them. Keep the supplement and medicine quantity very small. Otherwise it triggered a FDA (Food and Drug Administration) inspections. Non-approved supplements and medicine will confiscated. However, I suggest you use either DHL or a freight forwarder or an air cargo service in Thailand to ship the facial creams and supplements, but not in large quantity. Personally use ok. Otherwise, it will be inspected and the package will be held for a long time. I will avoid the medicine since it needs to be FDA approved.

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