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Juggalette asked How can I get increase my chances in getting pregnant?

I have been off my birth control for about a month and me and my fiance have been trying to make a baby but we haven't been having any luck.. I'm starting to think it's my fault but I don't want to give up either. He's saying it could be him but I don't think it is. Any advice or tips? Please help me with this we are trying soo hard and right now we will do ANYTHiNG it possibly takes to make this baby happen. Thanks 🙂

And got the following answer:

Juggalet, To get pregnant you must have sex on a day that your eggs are being released. After the 3rd day from the day that menses started put a thermometer into your mouth and check your body temperature every morning before you start turning in bed. The best time is at about 4 a.m. Maintain a chart. You will find that on one day the body temperature drops from 1/2 degree to one degree. This is the day that your eggs are being released. If you want to get pregnant this is the day that you must have sex. Tell your fiance to ejaculate on his inward thrust so that the sperms will shoot deep inside. After having sex you must stay in bed for about 30 mins with your knees bent up with a pillow under your buttocks so that the sperms will not pour out - to enable them to travel up. Get your fiance to save his sperms in the testacles for at least 3 days before sex to enable them to mature well to do their job.

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