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CYBER asked Fast Charge IC for 6v battery pack?

Does someone knows Fast-Charge IC for in-line 5 AA NIMH batteries( SANYO ENELOOP HR-3UTGB 1.2V & 1900-2000mAh per battery Total 6V)? I AM LOOKING FOR FAST CHARGE IC. NOT THE BATTERY CHARGER!!! -------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks Bill for explaining to me that. only thing that am interesting is. it was as simple as possible for me as beginner to understand 1st. I do not care a bought Fast Charge anymore after you explained. 2nd I need it to have overcharge protection. so basically am looking for IC with over charge protraction for 6V 1900-2000mAh battery pack.

And got the following answer:

many charge controllers exist such as :- http://www.linear.com/products/battery_charger_ic or http://para.maximintegrated.com/en/search.mvp?fam=batt_chrg&tree=powersupplies For fast charging the primary need is to control temperature. For the fastest charge rate possible for NiMh cells or packs you will need to add a forced air cooling fan to ram cool air across the cells. The temperature of the cells would need monitoring and the controller would adjust charge accordingly. So for fast charge you need to look up one that has a temperature sense capability. without temperature control your NiMh cells will have a particularly short life and may even rupture.

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