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Foss asked any ideas where to find a inexpensive replacement clock for a GE range?

I found a website for an appliance parts dealer but they wanted big bucks....over a $100. It's progressively made more and more noise, sort of a grinding sound, so I finally disconnected it, but if I could find one cheap I'd replace it. It came out pretty easy. Thanks!

And got the following answer:

If it is really just a clock you can live without it. If it is an integral part of a time-controller that turns on the oven at a certain time and keeps it going for a requested cooking time then you really need it for that control. The ones in the $100 price range tend to be the ones that have those automatic oven controls. If you don't use that oven feature then you can avoid replacing even the one with the timers in it. The ones with the digital setting of oven temperature have that temperature control and display built into the part that they call "clock" in their parts list so if your oven does that you really need to go for a replacement.

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