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Grace asked Role of water in living things using water as a solvent and a temperature regulator?

Use examples to explain the role of water in living things using the topics given below. a) Water as a Solvent b) Water as a Temperature Regulator I really don't understand the question so i need help. Thanks! forgot C c) Water as a Lubricant and Transportation Facilitator

And got the following answer:

A) Blood contains water. When we ingest and digest food, the nutrients are absorbed into the blood circulatory system through the villi in our small intestine. These nutrients are then transported all over the body for the cell metabolism. Hence, water plays the role of dissolving nutrients into the blood. B) Water has high specific heat of capacity, which means they can carry a lot of heat. Example, we sweat during a hot day, because our body temperature is increasing. Water is squeezed out from the sweat pores as sweat to lower down our body temperature. C) Synovial fluid between our joints is to lubricate our joints, preventing the joints from getting friction from each other. It also absorbs shocks or impact force, avoiding both of the joints from bumping into each other.

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