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Brian asked How can I wire up 12 volt lights from a car battery in an ice shack?

I would like to either use a booster pack or a car battery from an RV to power lights in an ice shack. How do I do it and what woiuld be my best option to keep it as low wattage as possible yet it be bright enough for a 8 foot x 12 foot ice shack?

And got the following answer:

Get 12 volt CFL lamps, or better yet, 12 volt LED lights for the max light. Remember that most auto batteries cannot be discharged totally, or even close to total, without permanent damage. Marine deep cycle batteries are capable of total discharge. The one in the reference uses only 125 mA. that means a 100 amp-hour battery will last 800 hours. Ten of them, which is a huge amount of light, will last 80 hours. .

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