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Mr J Man asked Does it matter if I use 12V or 120V charger adapter for vehicle?

I imagine that it is better to use a 12V charger for DC current based items like a cellphone, than to use a 120V AC adapter that converts into DC current for the cellphone anyway? I am a truck driver and it uses an inverter so I have the choice between using a 12V socket charger or a 120V wall charger. I wonder if there is any loss or extra power needed to go from 12V to 120V back down to 3.5V for the cellphone charger, or is it better to use the 12V socket charger? Perhaps it doesn't matter at all?

And got the following answer:

When it comes to small power devices, the efficiency of the converter is what will makes the difference. If the DC device was 12v, then no conversion is required and no power is lost. If your device is say 3.5 volts, then the 12 volts needs to be dropped to 3.5 and how that is done determines how efficient it is. If it's done passively, then nearly 3 times the power is lost in the conversion. Not very good. Modern direct DC chargers (cigarette lighter socket type) use switching power supplies, not passive dropping components, and are nearly 100% efficient. (high 90s) Some inverters are also very inefficient at converting 12 to 120VAC at low currents and then you need an AC adapter to go back to DC. If you have modern switching power supplies/converters, then it's not worth worrying about for the amount of power used. Once the battery is charged, a direct DC adapter will be using nearly zero energy. If you use an inverter, the inverter still hums away and the AC adapter is consuming parasitic power.

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