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Tom asked Do Neon light tubes for home exist?

I would like to buy some neon lighting for a room and cannot find anything. I am looking for 2 foot neon tubes. (kind of like those black light tubes they make.) I have seen the flex LED neon rope lighting, but that is much too expensive. Does anyone know if this product exists, and where i can order them?

And got the following answer:

Some years ago, neon tubes (and the necessary power converters for them), intended for installation in cars, were on the market. [You'd also need a 12V power supply to operate them in a house.] Ever since LED strips became available, the neon tubes disappeared. I think a store a mile or so from where I'm sitting may have some left. Last time I saw them, the packages were badly faded, even though they have never been close to sunlight, which should tell you something of their age. If you "just gotta", contact: Electronic Parts Supermart 525 S. Blosser Rd. Santa Maria, CA 93458-4909 805 925 8604 I recommend calling by phone. The store is open 9 AM - 6 PM Tuesday - Friday, and 9 AM - 5 PM Saturday. However: If I was going to have neon lighting in my residence, I would have a neon sign company make custom tubes for me. For this option, consult your local yellow pages.

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