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enjoy life asked which drill should i buy for general use?

im looking to buy a drill my limit is $200 the most before tax. im looking to get one of the following Milwaukee 18V Li-Ion Compact Drill Kit Model 2601-22 $199.00 RIDGID Lithium Compact Drill Driver Model R86006 $187.00 Makita 18V Compact Lithium-Ion Cordless 1/2 In. Driver-Drill Kit Model BDF452HW $201.00 so i am unsure of which one to get. some review say that the makita batteries are dead after one year. the milwaukee has batteries issues as well. the ridgid has 5 out of 5. the milwaukee and makita brands are better than ridgid but the ridgid came out with better reviews. let me know what you think. please no other brands just the three that i mentioned. this drill will be used for general use and rarely used im not in the trade but i am a handy man and when the time comes i want a good drill not a cheap one like b&d

And got the following answer:

All of the brands you are considering are fine ones. However, battery life is going to be an issue with any brand, especially since, like me, you are only going to use the drill occasionally. I have found it better to buy a good quality variable speed drill with a cord... The results are no battery issues and much better power. If you are strictly considering a battery drill then may I suggest a 24 volt drill, and consider the one with the least expensive battery...because the limited use in itself will result in shortened battery life. Good luck.

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