The best 20 volt cordless drill

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Teddy asked How long could I expect to run a 12V DC motor (0.3 amps) off a battery pack?

I would like to run this motor intermittently using a portable drill-type rechargeable battery pack, maybe lithium-ion. How long could I expect it to function with say a 30 percent on/70 percent off duty cycle before it drains the battery?

And got the following answer:

It has been my observation that cells used for building battery packs for things like cordless drills all seem to have about 2000-3000 mAH capacities. Of course the size and number of cells in a 12 volt (nominal) pack will vary with the chemistry. Your motor draws a fraction of the current that a drill motor under load would use. At a 30% duty cycle, your motor would average .09 amps or 90 mA. You could reasonably expect about 20 hours of use from a fully charged battery in good condition without fully depleting it. Don

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