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Vadim Ivanov asked Is it safe or even possible to hook up 2 different types of inverters in a series to power more appliences?

Here is what I would like to accomplish. I have a gas powered champion 2000 watt portable inverter generator that I want to connect to the 12 volt (deep cycle) battery while the battery would power additional 12 volt power inverter (pure wave) 4000 watts. I’m trying to power over 5000 watts total household items. Simply said AC to DC to AC = more power? Yes or NO?

And got the following answer:

You cannot hook AC supplies in series, unless the phases match. You can have a generator providing 1500W of AC, and also charging a 12V battery. You can have an inverter powered by the battery, supplying 3500W of AC to other items. Those would have to be on separate circuits Long-term, the battery will run down because you only have 2000W total power being generated. But you could have a larger peak load. E.g. a microwave draws 1200W when it's cooking and about 0W when it's not, so if you only cook for 10 minutes in an hour, that's 200W average.

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