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goldenleaflc asked How much power could you convert from a DC 12V battery, through a inverter to supplement home ultilities?

I am researching alternative power sources and would like to find out if it could be be fesable to charge DC batteries via solar, hydro, wind, etc. and then to convert to AC to supplement power used from the grid.

And got the following answer:

I live on a farm in Piedmont NC, and use a solar photovoltaic array to provide the most critical electrical needs for my house. I use a Trace inverter/charger of 2,500 watts per leg to produce 120/240 volt 60 Hz power identical to what comes from the overhead pole line. This particular inverter is designed to work with a 24 volt battery array; the batteries I use are actually 12 volt batteries, wired in series-parallel to provide 24 volts, 5600 amp-hours. This system provides enough power to run all the lights, the refrigerator, this laptop and one other computer, music system. two circulating fans, microwave oven, and the circulating pumps for a hot-water heat system embedded in the concrete floor slab. The fans, pumps, and refrigerator are special energy-efficient models specially designed for solar electric systems. This system was very expensive to build, and it will take 20 years at the present electric rates to pay for itself. It is very likely that electric costs will go 'way up, which will shorten the payback time. The main benefit for me is the sense of independence and flexibility. I don't try to run air conditioners, shop tools, kitchen appliances, or a washer and dryer off the solar plant. I run these when I have to, and pay the bill. In the kitchen I have a gas range and a wood fired cookstove with a hot water tank. Thus I have several optional ways of providing for most needs. The Trace inverter/charger automatically charges the batteries from the utility lines if the batteries get low, and the utility power is off, it will automatically start the backup generator and charge the batteries off that. I would have to have five (5) consecutive days of dark clouds and rain to make that happen. You can find out all about how to do this on the internet. Most states have some kind of Alternate Energy information center that will provide you information related to local sources and requirements. Also, you can search for "solar electric system" on the internet and find tons of sites selling the components and sources of information. Good luck!

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