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Dorji asked How to run 15 kW motor from solar power system?

I want to design solar power system to run 15 kW, 3 phase motor, 50 Hz for pumping purpose. I will be using batteries for back up supply from Grid supply to charge battery during solar power failure. Please suggest me the capacity of inverter that is needed to use as power supply to the motor? I request necessary circuit diagram and equipment capacity to use for this purpose from all the members please please?

And got the following answer:

It sounds like the site has grid power, so I would stay with that. You could then supplement the power with solar, using grid-tied inverters. There are 3-phase inverters, but you might find it simpler to just use several single-phase inverters, one or more on each leg. I see no point in using batteries, that would only add to the cost. In fact, you would only go with grid-tied solar for water pumping if you were in one of those rare places in the world where grid electricity is very expensive. With grid tied, you will also not have to worry much about under-sizing your solar array. If you put in a 1 kW array, it won't save as much money as a 5 kW or 10 kW, but the system will still work. Also, if you have a choice of when to do the pumping, you can set up your controller to pump when sun is abundant. For example, if you're filling a reservoir, fill it between 10 am and 3 pm.

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