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Burhan K asked Can i run 1 TON Air Conditioner with 5000 Watts inverter?

I am welling to buy 5000 Watt inverter. It is 12 Volt input and 220 volt output with 5000 Watts continues power supply. Can i run 1 TON Air Conditioner with that inverter all day? I am buying inverter from

And got the following answer:

A typical AC unit will take up to 3 times the amps to start than it does to run. Make sure the inverter has the surge capacity. Volts X amps = watts You can find this info on on the AC unit. Example....110 volts @ 10 amps = 1100 watts running x 3 = 3300 watts to start this motor. Also you should select a generator/inverter in the middle of its capacity for continuous running. If its listed at 5000 watts this inverter should be run continuously at 2500-3500 watts. If you run it a peak output all the time it will burn out more quickly.

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