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I C asked Rheem gas furnace stops blowing and blow again?

I have a Rheem gas furnace (Heater: model #: rgda-125a-gr). When it's heating, It blows and stops at the set temperature(so far it's good) but in 2-3 seconds, it starts blowing again for a short period of time (maybe 10-20 seconds) and stops finally. Some said it may got something to do with a limit switch. Is it correct ? if so, what kind of limit switch is this (Fan control ) ? Can you tell me where to go to find more details about this limit switch ? OR any other causes for this problem ? Thanks for your help in advance.

And got the following answer:

They made the GDA from 1983 to 1990. Would need the serial number to be sure of age, but it is most likely a fan/limit made by Honeywell or Cemco mounted near the center close to the top of the heat exchanger. They usually have a round dial with 2 or 3 adjustable pointers. The lowest one should be set at 90, the next one at 120 for the GDA model. The third pointer is for the gas valve, and is set at 185-200. You need to make sure the first two are set at 90 and 120. Don't bother the third one. If they are set correctly, call a Technician, as the next most likely cause is low airflow due to a stopped up a/c coil. Low airflow can also be caused by closed vents, dirty filter, dirty blower wheel, dragging blower bearings. The fan/limit control could also be defective.

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