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Alex Keys asked Can you grow plants in a five gallon tank and more?

So I got a couple questions about a fish tank. So my dad needs a tank to hold his beta. We are looking for a 5 gallon tank for it. (Yes I know that is a little small for a beta.) We were wondering what tank to get and if we can grow live plants in it (last time we did this it was in a 2.5 gallon tank and i believe we got a java fern and algae just grew like crazy. It was hard to keep up) We have found a couple at Walmart. Here are they: Aqua Culture Aquarium Starter Kit, 5 gal Hawkeye 5 gal Aquarium Kit with Fluorescent Lighting Hawkeye 5 Gallon Starter Aquarium Kit with LED Lighting So which one would be the best? I'm mainly looking at the lights. Should I have led or fluorescent? Thanks. So I got the aqua culture one and it was very disappointing. The glass had scratches on it and the stuff that helps seal water that they put in the cracks of the glass was kind of sealing out. Plus the glass didn't fit together nicely if you feel the corner one juts out more then the other. I thought that it came with more led lights but it just came with one so yeah. Does anyone know a better tank?

And got the following answer:

The Aqua Culture Aquarium Starter Kit, 5 gal. is your best bet. What it has that the others don't is an adjustable filter output/flow, which is essential for Bettas who often have a hard time swimming against traditional filter currents. Also, it's glass, which is less likely to scratch. And it's a traditional rectangular shape, which allows the most swimming area for your fish. You want fluorescent lights for plants. You will need to amend any of those aquarium kit options by adding a heater and replacing the disposable filter media with filter floss/foam/bio media of some sort. The majority of the beneficial bacteria that is cultivated during the nitrogen cycle and is responsible for supporting life in the aquarium is found in the filter media. With disposable/replaceable media, you throw out your bacteria every time you change the cartridge, resulting in toxic water and stressed fish. 5 gallons is the minimum volume for a Betta, but certainly fine. That's for a Betta alone though. No more fish. Any low light compatible, easy to grow plant that stays relatively small can be grown in a 5 gallon. Some you might consider include Anubias, Java Fern, Java Moss, most any green Crypt, (no red sorts that need higher light,) and/or Marimo Moss Balls. Do research the environmental, light, and general growing requirements of any plant before purchasing, especially at places like WalMart where they often sell terrestrial plants in the guise of aquatic. Algae is not caused by live plants. It is caused by overfeeding, too much light, and/or poor water quality due to insufficient filtration, overstocking, and/or too little tank maintenance. Here are the basics you need to know for your Betta to live a long and happy life: 1. A cycled ( and… ) tank is required for any fish. 2. A filter is necessary in any tank in order to keep the water aerated and free of toxins. For Bettas it is best to set the filter flow to low initially, as they are not very strong swimmers. As they become accustomed to the current, the filter flow can be increased to increase efficiency. 3. A heater is essential. Bettas need warm steady temperatures of about 80F, to thrive. Constant fluctuation leads to stress, which inevitably leads to disease and often death. You can find an inexpensive heater for a small tank at any fish store. 4. In a 5-gallon or larger tank, weekly 25% water changes, using a gravel siphon are necessary. Water conditioner must be added to the new water before it is put in the tank to remove toxic chlorine, chloramine, metals, etc. Never change all of your Bettas water, as this shock your Betta, and ultimately weaken him. 5. Bettas enjoy a well planted aquarium, (use live or silk plants, plastic can tear their fins,) with a cave or two for exploring and resting. 6. Feed your Betta a good staple pellet or flake diet, substituting frozen foods such as brine shrimp and blood worms several times per week. Reserve one day per week for fasting. When properly cared for, Bettas have been known to live for 10 years. I have personally known them live to for 6. Good luck. FYI, good Betta info:

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