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Growth vs. Oil asked Why can`t the private sector create jobs like Obama did with government jobs?

Yes most are temp census jobs but that is all Obama can do is create some government jobs. So why can`t private industry keep up with Obama. We have the lowest tax rate since 1951 and Obama allowed the tax brakes for the top earners to continue when he entered office. Do those old people know that it is not government job to create private jobs? If they want small government the private sector need to keep up and trickle down some jobs. And not just you want fries with that jobs.

And got the following answer:

It does create jobs, just not in the USA. 2005-2008 were years when most corporations started serious restructuring, implementing of ERPs and outsourcing. High unemployment is not just a result of monetary crisis – it’s result of the restructuring. Those jobs that are still in USA are transformed by automation. I am not talking about manufacturing here – I am talking about service, consulting and even medical field. It also means that these jobs do not require high level professionals – they can be done by junior level workers who are taught to do just one repetitive piece. Most of the jobs we lost would never come back. New jobs will pay less and will be more tedious and exhausting.

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