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CT asked Is there a way to make no current flow in a circuit until it reaches say 10 volts and then open up?

its in an automotive system. on some led lights that i want to use for brake lights. bt my problem is them work on such a low power source they stay on all the time.

And got the following answer:

Here is a previous answer on a technique to make LED's operate at two brightness levels for brake / running lights. Generally LED brightness is controlled by using a resistor in series to limit current flow through the LED's. You can wire LED lights to act like either a single or dual filament light bulb. A dual filament set up lights additional LED's that are dedicated for brake light operation and a separate set for running lights. The single filament configuration uses the same LED's as running lights AND brake lights. The current flow through the single filament is controlled by two resistors which effectively get connected in parallel when the brake switch is closed.;_ylt=AmA0INk_N4fF7z16xHjV.1sjzKIX;_ylv=3?qid=20091026145408AAzopDT

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