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pujols_girl asked How can I buy good, decent christmas lights?

I put my Christmas tree up tonight, and went to put the lights on. After I had them strung, they went out! They worked in the stores, but now they don't. Please tell me I'm not the only one that has this problem every year.

And got the following answer: LEDs are the newest thing in lighting and they do not look to be leaving any time soon. There are as many different quality LED products as there prices. It seems to be the consensus of the members of the forum that the best place to buy LED lights are from Action LIghting is another good source. I have purchased from both vendors and can vouch for both. If you are interested in conventional lights, the favorite brand are the energy savers sold by Target. You can get more lights in a series than other brands because they are a lower wattage without a lower quality (at the same price). The word on the street is to avoid the Walmart Blue minis due to quality issues.

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