The best bosch 24v cordless drill

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Street Smart asked Do we use the same Electric Drill

Is the electric drill used to drill holes on the wall the same or different from the drill use to drill holes on metal plates? What electric drill is needed to drill holes on walls and tiles and what drill is needed to drill holes on metals?

And got the following answer:

Any wall-powered drill will do all these jobs. Some cordless drills (like the 9.6V one I started out with) will take longer, but yes I've used one to drill tile using a tile bit - it just takes patience. I have an 18V Bosch drill now - that thing has two speeds and hammer drive mode for drilling concrete with a hammer bit, so it'll do most anything I'd use a 3/8 drill for and then some. Made in Switzerland of all places, and they make a 24V one too.

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