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BillGatesJr wizkid asked Where can i get a cheap Power inverter? or build one?

I would like to know where i can get a power inverter for the cheapest price. I need it to be at least 3 Kilowatts (3000 watts) and at maximum it should be at 5 Kilowatts (5000 watts)or otherwise can someone tell me how to make a power inverter? i know that this one of those things that YGWYPF (You get what you pay for) but i still would like to get it as cheap as possible I am planning on powering my RV with it, i have a generator but that uses too much gas. All suggestions relevant to this question are appreciated

And got the following answer:

well that's gonna suck some electricity too. Try a electronic parts store, like EPO they will be able to help you either buy one or design one if thesable or practicle.

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