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Maria asked What can I get my husband for xmas?

Our budget is 150. I want to get him something nice. No shoes, clothes, watches. Nothing like that. I wanted to get him a touchpad buy idk if I would find a cheap one. I want something that will last him. No jewelry. He works alot I was thinking a little get away. he like football the chicago bears but the tickets are expencive. I want to surprise him.

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The least expensive tablet that I'd recommend buying would be the new Kindle Fire for $199. There are many cheap tablets for less but none I'd want to receive for Christmas. There are many ereaders you could buy him for $150 or less. If he likes long-run reading, they're great; if he likes web browsing, apps, games, or video, stick with the tablets. A wine refrigerator? A single-serve coffee maker? An espresso machine? A cordless drill?

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