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headchef asked why does my computer fan run constantly while i am using it?

i can be online and my computer's fan will come on and stay and run the whole time till i shut it off then when i start it back up it is fine then once i start to get online it starts up again..any one know why?

And got the following answer:

Your computer's comes equipped with a fan that starts automatically when the temperature inside the computer's case is too high. Normally, when the computer is new, the fan doesn't turn on too many times but , as time passes, dust accumulates inside your computer. Dust prevents the hot air to get out of the case, so it keeps the hot air from getting out while making your computer's internal temperature to rise. As the temperature hits a defined value, the fan automatically turns on. You may need to open your computer's case and clean the dust inside it. Do this by using the vacuum cleaner(using only the tube Clean the dust from the computer's fans(processor, case and power supply fans) and from the rest of the case. Make sure you don't touch any circuit. Do this with the computer turned off and disconnected from the electric outlet(or just disconnect the cable that goes into the power supply and the one that connects to your computer from the display) Computer chips are Electrostatic Sensitive Devices - make sure you don't touch any computer chip(especially the motherboard, the memory and the graphics card). This is the problem in most cases, but if your computer keeps on turning on the fans randomly there might be the fan controller that's damaged although this is quite rare. The fans ususlly turn on when the computer's processor is being used intensively used.This is done in order to prevent overheating and thus it protects your computer, but the fans should only turn on for a small amount of time and then they should go off. If they turn on and never turn off, you're experiencing overheating problems -> do what I told you to do first - clean the dust inside your PC's case.

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