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Rob asked What amplifier would you use to power subwoofers in a club?

I know that a DC powered amp that goes in a car has a Low pass filter but of all the AC powered amps like the ones Professional DJ use i have never seen one with a low pass filter do they have them and if so how can you tell if one has lp filter when shopping online? if they don't have them what do you use to power subwoofers with AC power other than converting ac to dc?

And got the following answer:

I think you're mistaken... I started looking through and the first amp I looked at had a LP filter. link below. Of course, if I was powering subs I'd be looking more at something like the second link.... and you're absolutely right, it doesn't have a LP filter built in. Now back up a second... you are getting a crossover, right? A well set up rig will include a crossover so you can split off your sub frequencies already, so are you really sure that you *need* an LP filter built in? Third link... with 24 db/octave of filtering, you aren't going to need a filter on the sub's power amp... that's plenty 'nuff already, you're not going to go out of sub frequencies with that kind of filtering! Yeah, I sooo wouldn't convert to DC. That's bad times - more power hookups, more that can go wrong... and let's be frank, car amplifiers are not as sturdy as some good rackmount amplifiers, no way. Not as efficient either, methinks. Saul

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